Funeral & Cremation

This section contains useful information about what to do when death occurs, tradition burial services, cremation services as well as how to personalize a service.

When Death Occurs

No matter if a death is sudden, or if it something that was a long time coming, the loss of a loved one makes us feel emotional and overwhelmed.  No amount of preparation can fully prepare you for the loss of a loved one.  When you are in a heightened emotional state, even the most basic decisions can seem staggering.

Traditional Burial

The time-honored rituals of traditional in-ground burial are an important step in the process of saying farewell, and healing from the sense of loss and bereavement. Families turn to us to help them plan this important form of tribute because they have always found peace in services we provide, and confidence in the kindness we offer.


We provide families who select cremation with the same variety of choices that accompany a traditional interment: memorial services, gatherings, visitations…all may still be arranged. When the cremation process is complete, you may choose to keep the cremated remains in a beautiful urn, or in keepsake lockets for members of the family.

Personalizing A Service

Staten Island families have always trusted us to create a funeral service that both illuminates and illustrates the personality and accomplishments of your loved one. Families who choose traditional burial often select a personalized casket that bears an emblem of military service, or an image that represents a special interest, profession, or hobby.

Eulogies and Obituaries

Giving a meaningful, moving eulogy can be a nerve-wracking situation for even the most accomplished public speaker, but it need not be.  How can you summarize somebody’s life in a few short minutes, while being both somber and funny at the same time?