Buying a Burial Plot

By: Matthew Funeral Home
Monday, January 23, 2023

Buying a burial plot is an important part of planning for your final wishes. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding to purchase a plot, or plots, in a cemetery. This article will explore these factors, and will discuss what may fit your needs. 

Plot Location

The location of the plot is often an important aspect of one’s choice. Most people choose a cemetery that is close to where they live, because of convenience. However, you may want to also consider where your relatives live. After all, they are going to visit the plot more than you will. In the event that you move, you can usually sell the plot back to the cemetery.

Plot Types

The type of plot that you are looking for will determine the price and availability. Ultimately, it is important to understand what kind of plot you want to purchase. There are four types of plots that a cemetery will usually have available. These are single, companion, family, and plots for cremated remains. 

Single Plots

Single plots are meant for the burial of a single individual. They usually include space for a burial marker or memorial stone. 

Companion Plots

Companion plots are spots for 2 individuals, usually a married couple. Companion plots are either side-by-side or double-depth. A companion plot will either have space for 2 memorial stones, or one stone for both people. 

Family Plots

Family plots are areas of the cemetery dedicated to one family. This can be a variety of sizes, depending on the needs of your family and what the cemetery has to offer. Family plots will either have one memorial stone for the whole family or individual markers. 

Plots for Cremated Remains

Even if you choose cremation, you can still have your remains buried. Cremated remains can be buried in a cemetery plot. Because cremains take up less space, some cemeteries allow multiple urns to be buried in one plot.

Monuments and Markers

Cemeteries may have restrictions on the shapes, sizes, and/or colors of monuments allowed within. This can affect the whole cemetery or just certain sectors. For some people, this can be a contributing factor in choosing a burial plot. Be sure to inquire about these restrictions before purchasing a plot.

The View

This may seem like a strange part of choosing a plot, but many individuals like to know what their final resting place is overlooking. This can affect the cost of the plot greatly, so it is an important thing to consider. Plots closer to garden areas within the cemetery, or looking over the surrounding area may cost more. 

Cost of a Plot

Cost is often a key factor in determining what plot you purchase. All of the above factors will affect the cost; but ultimately, it is important to consider your budget in making a final decision. However, when you pre-plan your funeral, you can often pay for funerary costs in small increments. This can make it easier to get everything that you want out of your final resting place. 

For over 50 years, Matthew Funeral Home has been serving the Staten Island community. We can help with almost every aspect of your loved one’s memorial service. Our family is here to serve yours, every step of the way.

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