Making Changes in the New Year

By: Matthew Funeral Home
Monday, December 26, 2022

New Year's Resolutions are hard to stick to. But often, this is because we don’t tackle our goals from the right angle. This article will explore how taking the time to plan out your resolutions will help you achieve your goals.

SMART Goal Planning

One of the best ways for goal planning is to use the SMART technique. This is often used by companies to plan out business strategies. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based. Setting your goals with SMART planning in mind can help you stay focused and on track.
A specific goal is one that is set to be direct ad detailed. Rather than saying “I want to lose weight,” set a specific amount that you would like to lose. Measurable goals are quantifiable. You can track your progress toward that goal. Keeping a log of your progress is a great way to stay on target. Attainable goals are those that can be reachable, but still a challenge. It never hurts to be optimistic, but you must have the tools to reach it. Relevant goals are those that are relevant to your life plan. Time-based planning is about setting a deadline for your goal. Deadlines help you stay on track and hit your milestones. 

Finding Motivation

It can be hard to find the motivation to break long-held behaviors or habits. Often, deciding to make a change is not enough. An easy way to do this would be to write a list of all the pros and cons of making the change. Keep this list for when you feel like giving up on your resolution. Setting milestones can also help you find the motivation you need, by breaking up your goals into smaller steps.


Incentives can be a good way to keep you focused if done properly. Some people set incentives that can be destructive. Eating a pint of ice cream is not a good reward for losing weight, for instance. Setting unrelated, but rewarding incentives can be an exciting way to make you feel like you are accomplishing your goals. Consider incentives like planning a weekend getaway after you reach a certain milestone, or buying yourself something nice. It is important to set incentives that do not cause you to backslide on your progress. 


Working with others can be a great way to stick to your goals. However, it can also be a problem if they begin to backslide. Peer pressure can work with or against you. Friends can validate our positive or negative behaviors. Be mindful of who you choose to work with when trying to achieve your goals. 
When trying to lose weight, understand everyone’s body is different. It is a good idea to set milestones for weight loss while being aware that not everyone’s milestones will be the same. 

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

While it is important to stay on track with your goals, it is also good not to beat yourself up over hiccups in your plan. It can be hard to keep hitting your goals or keeping to your plan. The important thing is to stay positive and try your best to stay focused. 

For over 50 years, Matthew Funeral Home has been serving the Staten Island community. We can help with almost every aspect of your loved one’s memorial service. Our family is here to serve yours, every step of the way.

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