Superhero Stories and Coping With Loss

By: Matthew Funeral Home
Thursday, August 3, 2023

There are many books, shows, and movies that tackle the concepts of grief and loss. But often, we can take lessons about life from seemingly unlikely places. Whether you’re an avid comic book reader or a casual superhero movie enjoyer, you may have noticed that grief can often be a part of the hero’s journey. This article will discuss how grief and loss can be understood through a superhero lens. We hope this helps those dealing with loss at any age. 

Superheroes and Real Life

From tragic backstories to heart-wrenching moments of heroism, not every part of a superhero’s life ends in victory. While the loss you experience in your life may not be caused by supervillains, you might just learn something about grief from your favorite hero. Superheroes are not engaging simply for their heroic acts but for their humanity as well. Every hero struggles with finding balance in life, helping those around them, and just living life to the fullest. These moments help audiences relate to them and help us learn something from them. 

Vulnerabilities in Superhero Stories

Every hero has vulnerabilities, and we aren’t talking about Kryptonite. Showing emotion, crying, and talking with others about what you experienced can be important. Even the most powerful superheroes show their pain, whether physical or emotional. Embracing your own vulnerabilities can be important for your own grief journey. 

Grief and Channeling Your Emotions

Grief can help you find a new avenue in life. Just as Spider-man channels his grief into helping others, you could find a way to channel your grief into something that you enjoy. Whether you pour your feelings into your art, your hobbies, or your relationships with others, grief can be a powerful driving force. 

Support from Loved Ones

Many superheroes have a team that acts as both a found family and a support structure. Whether you look towards the Avengers or the Justice League, individuals can be stronger when they band together. When dealing with grief, support from friends and family members can be vital. Having a solid support team to call upon in your time of need can be important. True friends and family can help support you in a crisis. Adversity in life can be overbearing at times, but you don’t have to take on a burden alone. Reaching out for support from loved ones is not a weakness, but a strength. 

Talking to Young Children About Loss Through Superheroes

If your young child is coping with the loss of a friend or family member, being able to put grief in a different context might help them understand it better. Consider researching their favorite superheroes, and talk to them about how they dealt with grief or loss. Consider using comic books, shows, or movies to help explain how loss helped them become stronger, or grow as people. For younger children, be sure to look at content warnings of movies or comics, and ensure that you are comfortable sharing the content with your child. 

The author of this post is not a professional therapist or counselor. For assistance in finding a grief counselor that is right for you, there are several resources out there. For our Grief Resource Center, written by Dr. Bill Webster, click here
For over 50 years, Matthew Funeral Home has been serving the Staten Island community. We can help with almost every aspect of your loved one’s memorial service. Our family is here to serve yours, every step of the way.

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